Zucca Pilates

Class fees

mat classes (floor routine)

pay per class $25

10 class punch card $200

save $50 off regular price

equipment classes (all other classes. performed on pilates equipment)

pay per class $35

10 class punch card $330

​save $20 off regular price

News & Events!


zucca is celebrating its 11th anniversary in april!

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new nighttime mat class! tuesday/thursday 6-7pm!

private training packages

One private training session $85

10 private training sessions $800

Save $50 off regular price

5 private training sessions $415

save $10 off regular price

see faq's for current class schedule

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getting started 

it's important that you begin your pilates practice safely.  i require all new members with no pilates experience to take a minimum of 5-10 private lessons with me before jumping into group classes.  once those sessions are completed, you are welcomed to join any and all of the classes that you like!

introductory packages

(This Package gets you ready for Mat classes only)

5 private sessions $400; first Mat class FREE.  

Save $50 off regular price.

continuing private sessions

some members prefer to work one-on-one always.  that's great! you can work on what is important to you, when you want to.  private sessions are appointments made week by week, or, if we can find a weekly time that works for both of us, a standing appointment can be established.