Katy Nelson

owner and trainer

i have been teaching since 1997, and received my Core Dynamics certification in 2000 under Pilates Master Michele Larsson.  

Over 20 years i've expanded my skills training in workshop settings and private trainings with Pilates Elder Mary Bowen, as well as Pilates Masters Virginia Nicholas, Amy Alpers and Amy Lange.  i am also a certified Franklin Method educator, Level 1 (Experiential Anatomy).

My teaching style is warm, inviting, and uniquely personalized.  Clients tell me how much they appreciate my use of imagery in teaching, as well as all the individualized attention i bring to classes.

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other accomplishments

ironman 2003

head of the charles 2001, 2008

rowed with mendota rowing club 2000-2008

Zucca Pilates

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Founded in 2007, Zucca is dedicated to making various forms and levels of pilates available to everyone.  we offer classes on the mat, and on equipment such as the reformer, cadillac and chair.

we also offer private training sessions at zucca.  if you book a private lesson, the studio is all yours. There is no one on the machine next to you, and you even get to pick your favorite music.

​having individualized attention is important in a good pilates practice. that's why i limit my group classes to fewer than 10 in a mat class; just 3 or 4 in an equipment class. we adjust the workout to fit your energy and strength, every time.

we're here to help you feel your best, and to help you learn  smarter ways to move that magnificent body of yours.

we'd be delighted to have you join us!